A year of noticing

I was recently in Los Angeles, California.
I went out for a two-day communication course called, Something to Say.
Rob Bell, a man I’ve admired for years, held it at the Improv.
It was fantastic!
Michael bought the tickets for my birthday and it was really meant to be the first thing I did in my part two.
I learned a lot.
I asked Rob, toward the end of our second day, “what do I do now?”
He suggested that I take a year to notice.
That I take a camera and photograph what I see.
That I take a journal and write down what I think.
That I leave my phone at home.
So, that’s what I am going to do.
A year of noticing.
It will be a strong practice of being present.
I will use the website ayearofnoticing.com for this next journey.
I will post what I see and do and think, there.
I hope you will follow with me.
I hope you also take the year and notice.
Notice it all…

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