Five Year Stem Cell Birthday

Five years ago today, I was in the hospital
Isolation room, actually
And all alone
My stem cells were coming up to my room and I requested clergy to come with them
We prayed
I was so anxious
I was writhing with the unknown
Hadn’t slept at all
All the what if’s played on repeat
And the constant nag of negative never shut up
This was my only shot
I would die without this treatment
I had been dying for over two years
Slowly declining
Steroids and chemotherapy couldn’t keep it at bay for long
If this didn’t work I’d go back home to die
But it did
That little bag of stem cells saved me
Dr. Richard Burt figured out a way and
Gave me my life back
Allowed me to live, not just exist
So, today is my five-year birthday
I will celebrate with champagne and good friends tonight
I will go to sleep in radical gratitude
My life was transformed in that room, with those cells
Today I still feel myself becoming
I don’t know what the future holds
Or what tomorrow looks like
But, it doesn’t matter
I will be out living
And saying a thousand thank you’s

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