Riding in circles and being present

Today, in Atlanta, it is 72 degrees
It’s December
So, with weather like this, I decided to ride my bike.
I need the practice and since it’s Sunday, Michael is home.
We went to the school parking lot where I first drove after being confined to the wheelchair for a year and a half.
That, was also a Sunday.
I had large plastic braces around my feet and up my legs to the knee (picture a plaster cast and you are close) my feet were then placed in shoes three sizes too big
(that’s how big they were, I wear a six, those were nines)
I stomped/walked around from the passenger side with Michael giving me every reason why this wasn’t a good idea.
I did it anyway, and loved it!
I was free again.
Independent again.
I could leave my house, alone again.
It was an incredible feeling..
That was four years ago.
And today, with my bike, Michael is encouraging and relaxed.
We even brought the dogs.
They watched through the open sunroof and smiled like only pit bulls can.
I rode in circles.
Round and round the parking lot on a perfectly windy day.
With just the right cloud cover so you don’t squint and you don’t get hot.
With each lap, I grow stronger.
More confident
I stop after a while and immediately say-
“Gosh, I can’t wait to go out onto the street and really go somewhere”


I caught the words as I said them
Not before they came out

And I came home wondering-
How much of life is going around and around?
We dread it
We are tired of it
We are weary from the merry-go-round, that’s not very merry.
Life just feels like a series of do overs, necessary laps
We let the circles and the sameness of everydayness
Lull us into thinking..is this all there is?
But is it?
Isn’t part of our lesson to be present?
Right where we are
To be in joy, while we ride, even if it is in circles
In that parking lot, was everything
In that moment, was everything
Presence in
peddling while
praying is

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