Il localino

Il Localino
where we first said, “hello”
I was out for a girls night
Too early
so I was at the bar alone
He walked by
With an elderly man, in a top hat
Grandad maybe?
I saw him
He saw me

Girls arrived and he was already seated, close
He came around behind me
Asked if he could buy me a glass of wine
Meet him at the bar
I hesitated
Waiting to order, girls…
The owner holding the menus said
” I believe you have some one waiting on you, I’ll order for you. I am the owner, go”
She was so tiny and so incredibly mighty-
So, I went
He smiles
Girls leave
We stay
Our place, our corner
Our anchor in the storm that would arise
So, we go back
The tables are the same
The place beside the bar still there
Our memories fill the seats
Who was I that he met and remembers?
Who am I that I still want to be?
So much has changed
So much has remained
Disco lights and Italian food
Roses and red sauce are remembrances
Hugs are prayers
and dreams do come true

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