1,095 Days

It’s my three year birthday today.
Three years ago I was alone in a hospital far from home.
Today I am home alone and feeling great.
Three years ago I had been up all night, worried and afraid.
Today I woke up awaiting my husbands return from a business trip, totally refreshed.
Three years ago I was confined to a wheelchair and couldn’t tie my own shoes.
Today I am walking around with only a small brace on my right foot.
I can tie my shoes and dress myself.
Three years ago I couldn’t open a tube of toothpaste.
Today I can cook and ride a bicycle.
Three years ago today I was bald.
Today my hair is long enough to have an inch cut off and it’s still past my shoulders.
Three years ago I was full of fear and trying so hard to be brave.
Today I wear my courage like a crown.
Three years ago today my stem cells came into my room with a priest and a doctor.
Modern medicine and a man of faith
Today I still hold both close
Because without either one, I wouldn’t be here.

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