Soul Training

Michael and I have a small group from our church that comes to our house every other Sunday night
We are new to each other but are bonding quickly
We have enjoyed each meeting, very much
Mark, a fellow Okie, brought the discussion last night around a book he is reading. It was a great night and I was impacted by the lesson that is, “we are all in soul training.”
I made him repeat it
And then I got up to write it down
Asked him to repeat it again
Soul training…
It would explain so much
Answer so many questions
Help so many wounded
One of the best friends I’ve ever had, lost her mom this week
Another friend to us, lost her husband this week of 42 years
People are looking for help
They are praying for grace
For love
Broken lives are scattered everywhere for us to walk around
Pieces of dreams litter the world
Soul training…
What if that is what it’s all about?
What if this is the answer
Our souls
In training
What would that look like?
How would that feel?
That the knowledge is in the loss
The pain is part of the plan
The purpose for our growth
Kindness is
Soul training…
It’s the steps, none of us want to take
The goodbyes no one wants to say
It’s the disease with no cure and a whole room full of victims
The sky looks empty with no God in heaven
But, what if He is here
With us
Beside us
In us
Soul training…

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