It happened just the same

We all have something, right?
We all have a part in life and we all have a past
We all have said or done or tried something, right?
We all have done wrong, right?
We all have missions and dreams and goals we want to see happen
We all have aspirations
We all want something and we have all had the opposite happen, right?
You put it on the line
Roll the dice
Say the prayer
And it happened just the same
Intentions are good
Dreams are pure
But, one more time
Is the last time
And you never know why
You gambled and lost
And all that you knew
Gets tossed
Blows away
And it happened just the same
A voice screaming into the wind
Isn’t heard
But, it is screaming all the same
A drunk dies, drunk with yellow eyes
I can’t forget her name
I never wanted to lose her
But, it happened just the same

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