Love Fuel

Do you ever wonder what makes us go
Have energy
I think the gas that fuels our lives
Is love
When we give
We get
Every act of kindness adds to your tank
A gesture
A good tip when someone goes just a little extra
Or just because
A kind word
It all adds up
The love can be given to an animal
A plant
Or a guppy
It just has to be alive to count
When we give our time, talents and money
We get it back
It’s really how we survive
The giving to people or animals that can’t give back
Fills our tank even faster
That’s why going to a homeless shelter and giving out blankets
Anything with our hands and hearts keeps us fueled
And feels so good
Same for helping out with animal shelters
Walk a dog that lives in a cement crate all day
Pet a cat that can’t go play outside
That, feels great and fires your soul
You can buy it with money
Giving a dollar
Sending a check will add to your life
But it doesn’t fuel you the same
It’s like the lesser grade gas and only a few dollars worth
That’s why hate can also work as fuel
But it damages whatever tank it goes into
It’s corrosive
When you take from someone
Hurt them
It may feel like you’re vindicated
But it all goes into the tank like a sludge
It’s what fueled Hitler and Stalin and all the others through time
That take
And hate
So when you feel sad, slow and have no desire to go
Look at your actions and thoughts
Are you loving your neighbor?
Are you giving( yes to your kids )
But to who else?
What else?
I honestly believe that the happiest people are the ones who are always
Doing for someone else
Sending a text, an email, a prayer or
A hallmark card
Throwing leftover bread in the yard for the birds
Helping a charity
Holding the door for a stranger
Letting a mom go ahead of you in line so she can get the kids in the car and home
Rolling down your window and giving a couple of dollars you don’t need and will not miss to the homeless person with a cardboard sign
That fuel, fills you up
Makes you calmer and lights your eyes
The more you pour out, pours right back in
It’s just the way it works
It’s the way to really live this life and
Not just exist

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