Mendy Lou

I was lucky to have a big sister.
She was eight years older than me and I loved sneaking into her room.
She had high heeled shoes I loved to play in.
Clothes I wanted to wear when I grew up.
Bubble gum drops on her dresser that always tempted me.
She used a ton of Final Net hairspray on her feathered hair.
She smelled like Jungle Gardenia perfume.
She was a cheerleader and homecoming queen.
I wore the tiara, a lot.
The debutantes in Houston, couldn’t hold a candle to her.
I loved her.
The iced tea tasted sweeter from her glass.
The middle of her sandwich always tasted better.
She loved music more than anyone I have ever known.
She knew every word to every song from the 70’s.
Southern rock being her favorite and
She taught them all to me.
Name that tune was our favorite game.
She played the flute, piano and took guitar lessons.
Music permeated her personality.
There are things that age, state lines and time can’t diminish.
And right now
I wish I could save time in a bottle
She taught me to jump off the diving board
How to shave my legs
How to do a shot of tequila
I was 13
And that is right where things veer off;
Her drinking became an issue and then unmanageable
The sister I admired became one I tried to help
Over and over
There were a thousand “do overs”.
I was hoping for a thousand more.
She blew through this life and my heart like an F5 tornado
Complete and utter destruction
The bottle finally won
She took it to the limit one more time
And it was her last.
She flirted with disaster
She felt the same most every day
My beautiful, blue eyed, golden hair sister
decorated my life
And now she is a very, very free bird
Traveling on now
she can see the Grand Ol’ Opry
And she can meet Johnny Cash

I will always remember her
I will love her forever and more
And I will miss her

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