Classrooms and Cocoons

So, I have heard that life is like a school.
We are here to learn.
Does anyone else feel like they are alone in the classroom?
I feel like I’m at the proverbial desk, and what?
There is no teacher
No books to tell me what to do
I have questions about everything
Why am I here?
What am I to do with my life?
I have no idea what I’m supposed to be learning and I sit
I want the teacher to come in and write the lesson on the chalkboard
Tell me to clean the eraser
Give me an assignment
Maybe pull down that map from its cylinder case and point to it and say , ” you are here” and then point to another spot and say, “this is where you end up”
If this is a test, I fear I’m failing
When can the bell ring for recess?

When a caterpillar starts wrapping it’s own cocoon, do you think it thinks it has given up?
Does it just say, “I can’t take this crawling around anymore, I’m done!”
Because it seems like we can wrap ourselves up pretty tight too
Life gets dark and lonely
Seems like the end
And in a way it is because that caterpillar never comes out
What comes out is totally transformed
Nothing looks the same
It’s organs and bones become a brand new creature
It’s light and it flies and if it’s a Monarch it vacations in South America every year
I could so go for a party in Brazil!
What if this lonely feeling classroom, is a cocoon?
What if we are alone
My brother, Jesse, used to tell this story about a little boy who had a caterpillar and watched it as it wrapped itself up in its cocoon and then waited to see the butterfly emerge. The little boy got impatient one day and took a safety pin and started making little pin pricks into the cocoon. The butterfly came out, but couldn’t fly and died.
You see, the butterfly has to beat it’s wings against the cocoon to break out, to gain the strength it takes to fly.
The struggle to get out, makes it all possible.
My struggle to walk feels like a beating, everyday.
Maybe someday I’ll have wings to show for it.

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