Dogs, Manners and Cell Phones. Oh My!

So, a neighbor left their little dog out last night, in the middle of the night,and it barked
It’s springtime and our windows were open
Needless to say, I was annoyed and it got me thinking;
What else do we do to annoy the people around us?
Smokers, you stink. Really.
Too much cologne or perfume, gives everyone a headache.
What about taking a call in a restaurant or elevator? Rude.
People used to be considerate
Have manners
What happened to us?
We are walking and texting and bumping into others and not even saying,  excuse me
People are driving into each other and killing one another, over a text?
What is so important?
I saw people every time I went into Shepherd Spinal Center that will never walk again
Maybe not ever use their arms and hands either
Because they just weren’t driving
They were using their phones at the same time
When you meet a friend for lunch, take the phone off the table
Look at the person you are eating with
Tell them a story
Listen to theirs
Isn’t that why you are there?
I read a book years ago, The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino
In it there is a chapter on living each day as if it were your last.
What would that look like?
Would you still rush your kids?
Hurry to work?
Honk your horn in traffic?
You would linger over breakfast and actually see the sun and the sky
You would tell everyone you loved, that you loved them
You would hold the door open for an approaching stranger
and do it gladly
We all should live like this because time and another day is promised to no one
Not even a baby
Be proud of how you live each day and
Be kind
Be present
And when you wake up tomorrow and get another day
Say, thank you

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