Lessons &Questions

So, I have lost two friends.
One was dark haired and dark eyed.
She had two adult boys and was divorced.
The other one was blonde and blue eyed.
She had two adult daughters and was divorced.
Both were beyond beautiful.
Both turned heads everywhere.
Both had amazing bodies.
Both worked out everyday.
These women were both in their 50’s and looked better than any girl in her 20’s.
These were the friends that it didn’t matter what you wore or how you looked because being beside both made me feel like a troll. Not by anything they ever said or did, but because it’s hard to have self esteem around that kind of beauty.
Both had huge spiritual lives.
The dark haired beauty was Jewish, the blonde a Baptist.
The dark haired beauty got cancer.
She fought it.
She went bald.
She died.
The blonde, committed suicide this Tuesday.
So, they are both gone.
And I find myself wondering; what’s the lesson?
I know we all die
I know
I know
I know
And then, I just start wondering
Because to be that beautiful
Inside and out
And just go
Be taken
Fight and lose
I am positive they are both in a happy place
Full of love and joy I can’t comprehend
I know full well that they know God and He has them
But, for me, here
I would like to know why.

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