We went to a friends surprise birthday party last night. She turned fifty and her husband planned it, perfectly.
We were hidden in closets
the laundry room and
People were behind the sofa and crouched down in the kitchen all poised for the big moment to pop out and yell,”surprise!”
She was
It was great
Her joy filled the house
And our hearts
Her husband beamed
But, I can’t stop thinking of all the times in life
The surprise
The spot turns out to be cancer, surprise!
The doctor can’t find the baby’s heartbeat, surprise!
You son is gay …
Your daughter is pregnant, in high school, surprise!
Your accountant took all your money…
Your parents divorce after decades together…
Your illness has no cure or treatment…
The car coming the other way, doesn’t swerve.
Does your hand cover your mouth?
Do you fall to your knees?
Do you close your eyes?
When you hear, “surprise!”

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