What is “going with the flow”?
Being in the know
The now
Is it feeling happy and satisfied for no apparent reason?
Is it the season
Or is it the radio playing all your favorite songs, in a row
No commercials
Or is it being with the right person at the right time and love happens
Is it being asked to lead a group, a committee, a prayer
Is it a silent communicator
between you and God
Or is it just a good day…

Is flow ecstasy?
Or, is it being easy like a Sunday morning…
Is it moments that transcend and transport you
Like when you meditate for more than one minute without looking at the clock?
I read somewhere that flow, is like lifting your “paddles” out of the water you live in
And simply letting the “currant ” direct the course of your life
No more “swimming” upstream
Maybe that is why we have a salmon shortage
and people have high blood pressure
Swimming upstream is very hard, very few actually make it
So is “making it “, flow?
Or, is it just the opposite…

We hear the term, “let go and let God”
All the time
Is finding the flow of life, letting go?
Releasing results
Radio playlists
And just enjoying the now of this moment
For whatever it is
However it is
Whoever it is
Because even if I’m frustrated and the day is hard
I can still have the holy, I can still feel the flow

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