Funny, ha ha

What makes someone funny?
Are you born with humor like blue eyes or curly hair?
Or can you learn to be funny and to make other people laugh?
They have classes at the Improv club and most comedy clubs do too.
A friend of mine took a class at a local comedy club and was performing regularly when he was diagnosed with cancer.
He had to stop because his wife kept complaining that he came home smelling of cigarette
smoke, and in combating and coping with cancer that seemed counterproductive.
But, it was kinda funny.
There are people that are hilarious that come from horrible childhoods.
When you live with an illness or injury, it’s so hard to find anything to laugh about
It’s far easier to cry or sigh
There used to be a magazine called Readers Digest, it had a section called Laughter is the Best Medicine
I loved it as a kid, even if I didn’t understand the jokes, I still recognized funny.
There are shows and movies and stand up comedians that almost everyone can find something
funny about…but how do you find it in yourself?
People will laugh with me because a lot of what I say is bitchy.
I adore sarcasm. Lady Grantham should be my BFF.
I was walking into the Shepherd Center last week and a lady passed me ,very quickly, which is unusual considering most everyone is in a wheelchair or using a cane or walker.
As she passed me she said, without turning around,”you walk like me on a bad day”.
I had no response, other than to laugh.
My sister thinks it’s hilarious when someone falls down.
My dad fell down a flight of stairs and broke his leg years ago and my sister just about had an aneurism she laughed so hard.
So we may not have the cure for cancer or be able to keep a crippling disease at bay.
But, we can and I say must find a reason to laugh, everyday about something.
I think it is the best medicine.
And if you need a little help, just imagine my sister on those stairs;
That should do it.

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