Be You

So be you
The you that’s in your heart, not your mind
The mind can tell the brain almost anything and it’ll believe it
Your heart won’t
It knows who you really are
So be you
Be present at all times and be you
I recently went to a conference and Bob Goff spoke
Everybody there wanted to be Bob Goff
Everyone wanted his stories
His life
But what about yours?
The people in your life
Want you
Your parents, your friends
They know your story
Your struggles
What someone else says or does or contributes, is not your story
It’s you
Your plight
Your fight
Your prose, your party
Your song, sonnet and show
That makes you, you
It’s easy to rail against who says what
Who did what
Who didn’t do anything
We judge
We compare
We condemn
And we retaliate
But who does that serve?
Who wins when we aren’t “in” our own lives?
When are lives are small and
so are our dreams, the whole world suffers
When you really live and
not just exist, the whole world wins.

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