Digging for Gold

I am going after questions and God like a minor digging for gold, with his teeth.
I want to know, what is the essence of “us”?
It’s not our physical bodies or our looks
Just ask a fireman that’s had his body burned, face melted, hands gone but he, still remains.
Or an aging Hollywood actress that’s just seen too many scalpels, for too many years
It’s her, but not the way we remember or is it?
Does she look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back?
Who looks back at you from the mirror?
There are times it is hard to recognize ourselves;
To believe that this is our lives.
When someone passes, why do people smell the old worn shirt? Is their essence there?
What made two herds of wild elephants walk for hours and then stand for days, to mourn the man that rescued them in South Africa? How did they even know he died?
His death was sudden, his heart stopped. Now their hearts were grieving.
But how did they know? There must be an invisible level at work…
Is that love?
What makes me, me and you, you?
Is it pheromones?
My friend, Rachel and I always said if we could bottle up the pheromones we gave off when we didn’t like a guy and spray that on around someone we did like well, let’s just say George Clooney would be a happily married man and we’d be very rich!
Why do we feel like we need to look like someone else?
Jennifer Anniston’s hair was a national obsession, seriously.
Is who we really are, so bad that we aspire to be someone and something we’re not and never could be? Even should be?
I was at lunch with my friend,Nancy recently.
I told her I was still grappling with life and a bit frustrated that God hadn’t told me the why of it all or even how come.
I said I wanted to know like everybody else the purpose of my life.
She looked at me funny and said that she didn’t think very many people asked that sort of question.
I’m sorry what?
Who doesn’t ask?
Who doesn’t want to know?
How could anyone wake up and not ask,” is today the day I get the answer to what is my
She said most people are busy and are just trying to get through the day.
Raise a family
finish a project
keep a marriage together
meet that deadline
cleaning houses
running errands and going to little league
This blew my mind

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