A Story My Dad Told

So my dad tells this story of a guy that is shipwrecked and washes up on an island.
There is a castaway thats’ been there for twenty five years.
The newly shipwrecked guy looks around and notices three houses. He asked the
castaway if anyone else lives there.
The castaway says “no, it’s just been me the whole time”
The man then asked what the houses were.
The castaway says” the one on the left is where I go to church. The one in the middle is
my house and the one on the right is where I used to go to church”
I cannot tell you how loud I laughed at this.
Then it just stayed with me.
I kept thinking about our minds.
How powerful they are.
I bet nothing else in our bodies is that strong.
We believe and create and fear and visualize and fight and love, all in our heads!
We can have a conversation that requires no one else.
We can convince ourselves of anything regardless of truth or probability.
They say the mind is the key to happiness.
I say it’s also the cradle for crazy.
We were in Los Angeles when dad told me the story. Michael went out for work and I
tagged along to be able to see Linsey and Carter over the weekend.
Dad flying out was a total bonus.
We did a lot of walking. A lot.
I think our hotel room was a quarter mile from the elevator. Seriously.
So on Tuesday when I went in to see Nancy for PT, I asked if I seemed stronger.
She said yes!
A few weeks back she had me order a smaller brace for my left foot. It has less support
and she felt that foot was ready. The right one was still too weak.
So I’ve been walking around with two different braces and it feels weird.
Tuesday she said I could order the smaller brace for my right foot.
Basically they wean me off of braces. So I’ve been calling it my wiener brace.
Michael does not think that it’s funny. I laugh every time I say it.
The right wiener brace arrived today. It’s sitting next to me now.
I want so desperately to put it on.
I don’t want to wait four more days until I see Nancy again.
I have a walker I could use for extra support.
If I wasn’t ready she wouldn’t have let me order it.
But, here I sit
next to it
My mind is filled with “what ifs”.
My mind is filled with anxiety and fear.
Where does courage live in the body?
I know there is strength in my muscles but where is the strength to fight fear?
My dad always says” find that place behind your belly button and pull it up”
Is that where the term “no guts, no glory” comes from?
“She’s got guts!”
“What a gutsy thing to do!”
“I just felt it in my gut”
“It was a gut instinct”
“That really took guts!”
“I felt like my stomach was in my throat!”
We have all heard these quotes a thousand times.
Probably said all of them at one time or another.
So, your stomach is your core.
Core strength.
Courage must live in my small or large intestine depending on the challenge.
I won’t get into the bladder or colon, it goes without saying.
So, I did it.
I got the walker, faced my fear, prayed out loud, put on the wiener brace and walked.
Straight into the bathroom and peed.

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