Did you know that the phrase ” do not fear” is in the Bible 220 times?
I didn’t and when I read that I was shocked.
Fear has moved into my life like a five legged cat.
It’s stealthy, fast and impossible to catch and get rid of.
It’s everywhere.
The fear of falling. The fear of never getting better than this.
The fear of losing Michael. The fear of my unknown future.
The fear that the dogs will get out and run loose.
The fear about having enough money and how much I spend, ( it is scary.)
There is fear around every aspect of my life and thoughts.
I exhale and reach for faith. I mentally make faith a handle bar or a flotation device.
I grit my teeth to feel it.
Faith makes me stronger.
Faith makes me better.
Faith feels great.
And then fear slips in the cracked open door.
I think about the horrible tornado that went through Moore, Oklahoma this week.
Houses ripped up and apart. Hearts ripped up and apart. Kids and parents dead.
How would that fear disappear ?
How would you feel a storm coming and not panic inside your head ?
Inside your new house…
What would the picture of faith have to look like to keep your roof on?
What do you hold onto when everything is blown away?

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