The Cost of Hope

I got a letter in the mail today from a church I actually respect.
The letter asked the question, what does hope cost?
We all hope for lots of different things. Money, health, a good day.
I had no idea you could calculate the cost of hope.
I mean the monetary cost of peace would be in the trillions, wouldn’t it?
What about the cost of health? Gazillions?
Is happiness even calculable?
Well, according to my letter today, hope is worth; three and half cents.
Yep, 3 1/2 pennies.
So, for all of the people at home sick or at home getting better, your hope cost pennies.
Now, the letter from the church asked me for a check in the amount of $50,$100 or $200 dollars to help them continue to share and spread hope.
I have days that I have no where to go and I stay in my pajamas all day.
It may sound wonderful to someone overworked,overtired and stressed.
But, to me it’s sad.
I know I’m getting better.
I know I’m grateful everyday for this second chance but recovery is BORING!
So most days I sit around and hope for the day I’ll be well and out of here.
I always put my two cents in, always.
So I need to know where the three and half cents go and how they figured it out.
Because on most days, hope is all I have.

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