Game On

When you are in a wheelchair and are always the passenger in a car, you notice all of the healthy people walking, running and riding bikes.
You see every dog on a leash and every baby in a carriage and you ache because the yearning to do something normal and physical is so strong.
Today with my trainer, Lisa, I was one of the healthy people on the sidewalk of a busy street.
I wore my braces and my hands were curled and from passing cars it was completely obvious that I’m not perfect but I was out there in the sunshine walking towards my recovery!
It didn’t feel scary at all, just liberating in ways I’ll spend days trying to fathom.

I am going back to physical therapy with Nancy and I am positive there will be fear then.
I need to go there because I can do PT and OT back to back and it’s only counted as one visit for insurance.
I need all my visits.
So, I asked her to help me walk without braces and the gleam in her ice blue eyes said it all.
Next week, its game on.

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