6,000 Promises

So it’s been said that when God promised Abraham his family they would be as numerous as the stars in the sky, there were probably about six thousand stars visible, according to the scientist. God had Abraham go outside and look up. Every time he doubted, all he had to do was look up.
I wonder how many nights he stood there, head back, eyes scanning the horizon and doubts and questions pummeling his thoughts.
But it did happen.
Abraham got his son, in fact he had two.
I have also heard that the Bible holds exactly six thousand promises.
I haven’t read them all.
I haven’t had God promise me anything directly.
I have not been given a proclamation.
I have not been divinely driven to a task or path.
I look up and see the stars.
I look down and see my still crippled hands and feet.
I know I’m not fixed but I do have my sense of humor and modern medicine.
Still, there must be something to all those promises.
Six thousand sitting on the pages of a book.
Do I have to hear one to believe?
Do I have to see one to accept?
Do I need to receive one to keep on going?
Or do I just put one foot in front of the other and step lively into my future?

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