A New Direction

It’s been five months today since my transplant.
It’s hard to explain feeling removed and attached at the same time.
I remember the day, the details.
But,today I sold the first piece of Jenny London’s artwork and it feels so foreign to the sick girl in Chicago.
A little before the holidays, I approached Jenny about framing a few of her pieces and seeing if I could sell them for A) something to do and B) make a little money.
I figured I’d call on my door to door roots and get out a little.
I went to the first store on my list and we had our first art party there on Sunday.
Mimosas were offered and a good group of people came. I deliver our first sale tomorrow.
He wanted it wrapped for Valentine’s Day, very happy to oblige.
So, it could be a new beginning or a way to fill the interim but either way it was fun, no pressure and a pleasure. Michael went with me and David was also there to support. We all went for burgers after and my niece Courtney came too and it felt familiar and right.
A new direction.
A new challenge.
A new title.
Art Broker Extraordinare!
A few days later I drove a couple of hours to Lake Oconee to visit a friend of mine that had a baby nine months ago and I’m just getting to meet her. She was in Leadership Cobb with me and I danced at their wedding. She married a one star general who was forced to resign during her pregnancy due to climate change in the political air. People come in, shake hands, back room, board room, people get favored in, forced out.
To call it unfair is like saying I’m suffering from an ingrown toe nail.
This guy has spent his life in service to our country. He was at the Pentagon on September 11, got a medal for it. He also did two tours in Afghanistan and I believe one in Iraq. And “just like that” he is now a civilian. Six years before retirement and lots of desire left to work and serve.
That’s the good ol’ boys of politics at its finest.
His new title of husband is great but its his new work as a daddy I believe will be his most proud
And rewarding to date.
A new direction.
A new challenge.
A new title.
Carry on General Daddy, carry on!

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