Infused With Love

I was awakened thinking about infusions. Infusions by definition take
different ingredients and put together with time or heat, make something new. Like garlic and rosemary olive oil or pineapple vodka. You can soak the pineapple in the vodka and then take it out but the flavor is forever changed. The pineapple will always taste of the alcohol and the alcohol will always have the pineapple flavor until its drained dry or drunk.
Same with the oils, except they need to be heated to infuse.
Warm oil and a clove of garlic with a sprig of rosemary in there and it’s a delicious new creation.
Now keep in mind the garlic needs to be peeled and usually given a good whack to open it up so it releases more flavor.
When I was infused every Monday and several other days in there as well, I was given a donor blood product made up of hundreds no, thousands of people.
It has changed me, helped me get well.
I have often wondered if I was a part of a crime scene would it just be me and my DNA found or would there unexplainably be a Bob, Chuck, Charlie, Betty and a Susan mixed in there as well. Thousands of names could pop up, can you imagine that CSI’s face?
I think it’s what God wants from all of us. To be infused.
When Jesus hung on the cross right before His Death, He was pierced by a soldiers spear. Blood and water rushed out of His side, it was confirmation of death.
I believe that fluid soaked into the ether and ground of this earth and when we believe, it infuses us with God.
It permeates us and changes who we are.
There is an old hymn that talks about being washed in the blood, are you washed in the blood of the lamb? Well, I think that’s step one, you break off from where you were and get washed before you can be used.
Some of us, like the garlic, have to be skinned and smashed before we are useful and even after that you have to be put into warm oil to even begin the process.
But, to taste right, and be useful in any recipe it’s a necessity.
So, we become infused with God and forever changed by the experience.
We can remove ourselves from His presence but He is always there. He never leaves us, He can’t, we are His by choice and infusion.
Created by Him in a new way, to be a new taste, sound or touch for
whatever the purpose. I think it’s our job to relax and enjoy the joining, the fact that we are chosen and can be used is a blessing.
So cheers and Bon Appetite!

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