It’s 12-12-12 today. Feels like I should write about it.
It won’t happen again in this century.
I can watch two shows back to back and cry watching one and then laugh out loud at the next. Maybe it’s because I’m sterile now and the hormones are wondering around with nothing to do. It’s been three months today since my transplant and I hit my hundred day marker on the 21st of the month which is when the Mayans predicted the world would end. Figures.
I am working out with a new trainer, Lisa. She owns her own gym.
Cherri now works at my church and recommended Lisa as her replacement.
I worked out like a normal person today.
Standing up, doing exercises, it was awesome.
I will miss Cherri and her love and enthusiasm that have carried me this far.
But, I’m going to love this gym and all the options it holds for me.
Lisa is going to get my body back. I can feel it.

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