Aretha Sang Me Home

Well, Michael arrived and we got to fly home that same night.
Dr. Burt had made rounds that morning and my numbers were not rising.
I was deflated.
I thought I knew what it was to yearn.
I had no idea how much more I could want to go home.
Three weeks in that little room and I wanted out so bad I would have cut out my own heart.
Dr. Burt called my nurse mid morning and ordered another set of labs to be drawn at 3:00 pm. If the numbers climbed, I could go home.
So when Michael, arrived at 2:00, I just about tackled him at the door.
I had downloaded Aretha Franklin singing, Climbing Higher Mountains, we played it and sang along as the labs were being drawn for the second time.
I ran cold water and splashed my face.
I prayed, no begged God.
I sighed heavy sighs and then the phone rang and Dr. Burt said we were free to go home.
Just like that!
We packed, called the airlines and headed outside to sit and wait for the car.
Fresh air feels so good when you haven’t had it for seventeen days.
I smiled big!
I had made it!
I had done it!
I was finished, I was disease free and going home!
I felt heavy with gratitude.
I couldn’t believe it was over.
I played a thank you loop in my head and thought I’d put the worst behind me.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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