For Michael part one

For Michael

Something that I find both embarrassing and appalling about myself is that I am just now thinking about being a good wife.
I am in a love with Michael I have never known before.
Let me back up….
When I was twenty I was given The Daily Bible as a gift.
It’s a regular Bible but broken into 365 readings that are in chronological order of happenings. It has a bit of commentary and I have read it daily since I got it.
I had read it through three times when I went through my divorce at twenty three.
I sought comfort there, I prayed when I walked.
I went to church and poured my heart out to God in a journal.
In my thirties, the Bible came with me when I bought my first home. I read it at the dining room table over breakfast and I started each day that way. I still
journaled and still went to church, but I probably didn’t pray as much when I walked. I was older now, better suited.
When I married Michael the Bible moved to the kitchen table we were given by friends and I read it each morning. If Michael came in and wanted coffee or to visit, I yelled a lot that” this was my private time, quiet time didn’t he have any
respect?” I journaled still but it became a place to vent mostly and mostly about
We lived together and loved each other but existed in different places.
We did not go to church and I didn’t pray anymore at all when I walked. I was focused on losing weight and maintaining my figure and if dogs were along,
controlling them at every step, which I counted with a pedometer.
Michael would leave for work and I’d leave for the gym.
We never shared the bathroom at the same time for any reason. If we were in there together within minutes one for us ( usually me) was asking the other one to leave, usually not in a nice way.
When we found Vinings Lake, now our church home, we had been married three years.
It’s small and we both loved everything about it from the first visit.

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