Thoughts From 10,000 feet

I find myself greedy for the prayers of others
I want to be lifted towards God
I want my name whispered before His throne
My life to be His
I fly away from home for my healing
Determined to be strong and brave
The plane flies around a storm but is taking me directly to my miracle
In 2009 my immune system lost control and went into overdrive
Ran relentless
Wreaked havoc
Damage that now has to reverse
I will no longer be sick
I will grow stronger and thinner
The wig will get donated
So will the scarves, braces, walker and wheelchair
I will live in the house of a healthy person
Nurses will not visit there
There will be no need
I will radiate
I will live grateful
I will be able to fall to my knees and give thanks, and rise up
Because I will be healed I can cry from happiness, those tears are welcome
I will tingle from God’s goodness, not from disease and damage
Michael flies next to me, always with me
I am not alone
He is faithful and strong and tender; I am blessed
We fly over land that looks like a patchwork blanket
Different colors, textures, beautiful
All put together by God, like us
Scars, fears, strength
All put back together, beautiful

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