To Dance at a Wedding

Whatever it is that makes us us, never goes away.
Like true love-
It never ceases.
I feel happy and connected.
It’s easy to recall memories.
It’s hard to imagine two decades have been lived.
Time stopped still for me today and for that I am thankful.
The thing is, when you walk away from a marriage, you leave a family behind as well.
You can’t take the next journey with them.
Katie was my best friend and I couldn’t call or see her anymore.
Birthdays and holidays roll on and roll on by.
Days pass and then weeks and eventually years.
New friends come in, new memories are made,
And you realize that you really have healed and you really have moved on
That the hole in your heart has closed.
Until one email comes in;
One note that says hello, remember me? Without using those words at all.
She said the picture that really got to her on Facebook was one I didn’t realize was still on there.
It’s from KT and Larry’s wedding in April 2011,
We were in Savannah at the Yacht Club.
I’d been told that I wouldn’t walk again in November of 2010.
I made it my biggest goal to dance at their wedding.
I was on the dance floor, holding onto Michael.
I’m clinging to him really and she could tell.
She said the look of unconditional love on his face and the obvious way I needed him broke her.
I look really sick and I didn’t like the picture so I thought I’d deleted it.
That dance meant a lot to me.
The picture didn’t reflect that to me, it just reminded me of all that was wrong.
So, I removed it and I hadn’t given it another thought.
Until today-
I’m glad it’s there now.
I’m prouder of that moment than I knew.

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