So Michael went back to Atlanta on Friday when all the appointment were officially over. Peggy came in to spend the weekend and on Monday she left and my niece, Cassie came in. She’ll be here until Thursday when Lindy arrives to spend the next three nights until Michael comes back on Sunday.
Three of my favorite people, three nights a piece, perfect!
On Cassie’s second night we went out for a little shopping before dinner.
We needed a cab and one was hailed for us by the Ritz Carlton doorman.
We didn’t get into it or the next one that pulled up, we got into a van that was being told to go around by the doorman.
He didn’t and we got in and met Wallace.
He was enormous, with arms like legs and hands like a baseball glove. Well over six foot with a baritone voice that would have made Barry White swoon.
He was also a believer and in almost a nanosecond he was praying for me. Our three hands combined, Cassie and I with heads bowed and eyes closed, his open and up to God.
It was so surreal and unexpected and yet very expected after my store angel and the LAX angel. Cassie was speechless, we both felt euphoric.
When we arrived at our dinner destination, we disembarked and gave Wallace hugs and our promise to see him the following night at a prayer and healing
service at his church.
Which we did, it was amazing.
Hundreds of believers gathered on a Wednesday night to pray, praise, heal and hope.
I came away with an uplifted spirit and feeling of connection.
A scripture the pastor left us with fits the night perfectly.
It’s in Genesis, the very first book in the Bible. ” and the Lord said, Behold the people are one and they have one language, and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do”

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