Ebb & Flow

It occurs to me that we are all selfish. That’s why we suffer.
If we could think of others first, what they might like or need, we would find real happiness.
What we want just doesn’t matter as much as we think it does.
What if we made everyone else more important than ourselves?
If we were all just a little less selfish, we would all have more.
More patience.
More forgiveness.
More tolerance.
More love.
This lesson was just clearly demonstrated today.
I met Jesse at his office to help him with a new client that’s a woman.
It was weird to see his assistant using the desk I used.
All the signs from the store are hanging there.
The inventory is stacked nicely and it’s all so familiar.
I see clients names in the clothes and it’s like seeing old friends.
The very essence is who I was, all I’ve known.
The drive home I felt the pull in my stomach.
The ache to have it all back.
The “why’s “ joined me in my car, taunting me with all I’ve lost.
I crank up the stereo and listen to Alejandro Sanz sing in a language I don’t
understand but he is longing; I just know.
I take a breath.
Its going to be all right. God has me.
I am happy Jesse and my clients can continue.
That the work I love will go on.
Orders are placed and fulfilled.
It’s okay.
Ebb and flow.

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