Katy Perry

I saw the Katy Perry movie with my girlfriend Jen Farmer and loved it.
It’s positive and happy and watching someone’s dream come true is inspiring.
She sacrificed a lot and lost her marriage but she didn’t lose herself.
There is a scene towards the end and she’s in Brazil about to go on in front of her biggest audience of the tour.
She is breaking.
She is crying and exhausted.
She gets into hair and makeup, full costume and cries some more.
No one knows behind stage if she will go on, no one knows out front that she might not.
She takes a deep breath and smiles.
The show goes on.
During one of her songs, she starts to choke up again.
All at once, everyone there starts chanting “Katy we love you” in Portuguese and its beautiful.
What she gave, she got back thousands of times over.
So you know what?
Of all the four letter words out there my favorites are love and hope.
And yes, I went straight out and bought some glitter eyeliner.

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