Like a Timex

We leave for Chicago in two more days and I count all the things I can do instead of what I can’t. I met Cherri at a gym and was able to  workout on all the machines.
We saw the food angels, David and Jenny last night for an early birthday dinner.
She and I have birthdays seven days apart and it was fun to celebrate. David gave us both Timex watches. Said” we’d been taking a licking and still keep ticking.” How cute is that. Jenny also painted a mini canvas of wildflowers for me to take up to Chicago. I will cherish it forever. So many blessings have come from this illness.
So many people have taken the time to send a card, write an email, put me on their prayer lists at church. In the book, Defy Gravity by Caroline Myss, she writes that things of this Earth become problems and burdens only when you believe they have more power than your soul or your destiny. I like that. I want to become illuminated and transform into someone better, kinder, wiser. A new and improved “Go-Go Jenny.” I cannot fathom what waits for me.

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