A Giant Killed

Faith is a reality-hope for what is not seen.
Faith transformed Enoch. Without it, it’s impossible to please God.
Noah had it. Sarah and Abraham had it. Sarah had a baby as an old lady then Abraham was asked to sacrifice it. Isaac had it, so did Moses parents, then Moses himself had it.
To cross the Red Sea took faith, so did circling the walls of Jericho.
A prostitute was redeemed because she had it.
Kingdoms conquered, justice obtained, lions mouths shut, a giant killed, strength and might come from it and the dead can be brought back to life from it.
All of this is in the book of Hebrews from the Bible.
There is a Sufi named, Llewellyn Vaughan Lee, he says ” to deny the value of suffering is to close the door on the transformation that can only come through pain.”
So suffering in some way serves humanity.
Pain somehow has a purpose.
I am reading the Bible all the way through looking for promises and
There are a lot.
Like, ask and it’ll be given to you.
Keep searching~ you’ll find it.
Keep knocking ~ it’ll open.
If you believe, you will receive.
Love your neighbor as yourself
There are also a lot of miracles.
God Himself talks to people like Elijah, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Jacob and Samuel. He wrestled with Jacob all night long.
He actually shows up to Isaac and Balaam and has lots of face time with Moses.
Jesus healed many people and He Himself came back from the dead.
In one way or another, they all suffered too.
Strange to think that this could just be part of the human condition.
That all bad things are necessary lessons and it all works out in the end.
That Earth is just a school for our spiritual selves to learn how to be human.
Maybe that’s why in 2 Chronicles it says not to give up even if your body is,
because your inner body is better everyday ~ for this momentary affliction is
producing an incredible weight of glory. Don’t focus on what you can see~ its the unseen that is the blessing

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