Problems in a Pile

I know so many people drowning in their lives right now.
Friends that are smart and funny and are good and decent people going through terrible tragedies and losses. I’m sure they look at me and say the same, I don’t know.
I have always heard if everyone threw their problems in a pile, we’d always grab ours back. I cannot imagine having a mentally ill child that is rebellious and on the run, no medication, no cell phone. A child that is addicted. A child that goes to prison and is now and forever a sex offender. The death if a parent the day you give birth to a child.
Losing a job and your house. Losing a kid or a kidney. Your spouse, cheating then leaving.
These are problems. I have to wonder if any of them, given the chance to switch, would grab paralysis out of the pile instead of their own.

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