They say the heart needs four things. Affection, attention, approval & acceptance.
I say it’s five.
Adaptation needs to be in there.
When I was little I lived upstairs with my three older siblings.
My oldest brother, Jeff is ten years older and the twins, Jesse and Mendy are eight years older. Jeff liked country music. He drove a truck and had a spittoon mounted on his dashboard. He left before I would realize how loving he was and how gentle his heart is.
I wouldn’t find this out for twenty more years. Jesse loved all things Christian.
He read his Bible and took me to church. He wanted to be a preacher. He kept two sets of yellow pages in his Stingray Corvette because I couldn’t see out the window without sitting on them. I worshipped him.
My sister was a partier and loved Southern Rock. She smoked and drove a pinto.
I adored her and always wanted her to take me, anywhere. She wasn’t as fond of the idea and would make me play name that tune, or sing the lyrics of whatever was playing.
If I got it wrong or didn’t know the words, she’d kick me out and I would have to walk home. To this day I know more songs names and lyrics than most people put together.
I would do anything for her, all of them really. I was eight when Jeff left for college and twelve when he got married. The twins went when I was ten and we all never lived upstairs together again. I can close my eyes and still picture each of their rooms.
How the bed was placed, clothes on the floor, the music playing that they liked.
The smell that each of them had and took with them when they left.
I had to adapt daily to be around them and it helped shape me into who I am.
So I guess the lesson is continue with that attitude and accept whatever comes.
It’ll help shape me into who I am going to be.

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