Easter Bunny

On Easter Sunday one year, my little niece asks about the Easter bunny.
“Is he real?” No. I could almost hear her thoughts.
I could feel that space in time, where a little bit of her childhood fell off and hit the driveway.
Realizations like that come hard
Fast and unexpected
Softly changing you forever…
I was wondering if its better to have a bad, tough life and know it or to live in a life that looks and feels perfect but isn’t.
Which is better?
To have a happy childhood with no real sense of what’s coming or to be raised fully with the knowledge that physical pain is really nothing when the emotional pain you feel can make your soul bleed.
Is it better to reach adulthood with this and move on, grow up and forgive?
Or is it better to look back with fondness of a lifetime of special times that will never take place again?
I guess either way; you do find a way to love and smile, laugh a little and to count those tears as blessings
They do have a way of cleaning out so much.

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