Maya Angelou

Dear Maya Angelou,

I cannot watch you without tearing up.
You reach me in such a deep place.
Your voice pierces me, grabs my soul and makes me yearn to be better, stronger, louder.
more efficient in my humanness and more adept at my spiritness.
I wish I could meet you, share an evening and a meal.
Your depth and strength and passion is what I desire.
I want to be the sage, wise woman.
The voice and heart of love and peace, spirit, wisdom ….God.
He speaks straight through you, how does that feel?
How much pain did you ride? Do you know your every word counts?
Does that mean that every one of mine do too?
If I aspire to be like you, how? Our roads are vastly different, no common ground.
How do I lift myself, my ideals, dreams, my spirit
to a place God Himself would dwell?
I’d like to know if you saw Him coming
Or did you just awake one day to meaning and clarification?
How does it feel to be you? Have your words, wisdom and patience, with the Hand of God
Directing each step
I wonder if He is mine as well
Am I just too young and naive to see His love and work in me?
I ask Him to help me shine

Thanks for listening,

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