My 20’s

When I was 20 yrs. old…

I describe myself by what I have and what I drive
I am in love and in love with love
I want only to be adored and cherished
I only want to be provided for but do not want to be left alone
I am very convicted about my convictions
I constantly worry about what everyone thinks of me
Friends are as necessary as breath
I loved to be noticed and complimented
I do not know how to adjust my attitude
I do not comprehend commitment
Romantic love tortures me
All of my yearnings and questions are about myself
I am selfish and self absorbed
My hope is massive
My highs are extraordinarily high
Everything is an adventure
I can talk about a problem or a heartache to infinity and beyond
I make the same decisions and mistakes repeatedly
I travel and my world gets bigger and more interesting
I find deception very easy but I am shocked and unprepared for it in others
I allow the tides of my life to advance and recede around me
I make little effort to stand firm..
The motion feels too good to deny
I am uneasy, unsettled, unsure
I breathe chaos
I bounce from guy to guy like a pinball in the machine
I swim in a sea of men
I have an affair as easy as biting into pie
With less remorse
Friendships that I thought were forever, fall away
I buy a book titled “yes or no” a guide to making better decisions
I figure out the worse in ” for better or worse”
I trust in The Lord with all my heart but
I follow the impulses of my own
I rarely give God the glory
I step on a land mine of forbidden love
I hear the click
Ignore it
I ask God for more help
To show me the way
I promise to follow
I make a list of all the things I want from a man
It is three pages long

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