50 Cent says…

If we are all a collective conscious and all connected, does that mean when one hurts we all hurt? When there is sickness in one, it’s in us all?
Heal one, you heal the world.
If there is evil and savagery at the base of our society, feeding some totally.
Is it balanced by the good and gentle, that serve and love and pray?
If those are the extremes, are the rest of us in the middle doing no harm but very little good either?
Maybe thats what the Bible talks about when it says it’s bad to be lukewarm.
So if I got sick to be moved off of center, I choose.
Bitter and enraged. Or
Angry at the losses and illness. Or
Humbled and grateful for the blessings that have come my way.
Prayerful and hopeful for a healing.
It’s a softer way to live.
I like that.
Maybe that’s why some people seem stuck, they are.
In what should have beens, what might have beens, if onlys’.
Victims that can’t forget or forgive.
Parents who lose children and blame God.
Any misfortune can knock you off center. I guess that explains road rage.
We are all so flawed and try so hard to pretend we’re not.
I think that’s why we feel so separate from one another.
If we turned on our own light and got connected it would be easy for others to see us.
Then they could turn on their light and so on and then this human experience would be a spiritual one and we’d all be connected and lit up.
Instead we are alone in our darkness trying to hide what everybody else has and is hiding too.
How terribly sad.
This is why you can’t have faith and be fearful at the same time.
They’re on opposite sides of the center.
Even the rapper 50 Cent says,” you can’t worry and pray at the same time. “
If he gets it, I can get it.
His light, my light.

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