God or Facebook?

Three years ago all I wanted for my birthday was a custom crocodile handbag.
I pre- ordered it, told Michael all he had to do was call to get it started and pick it up when it was done.
He did, except not in time for my birthday. I was pissed. I let it overshadow my joy of going away for a long weekend with another couple to Costa Rica.
How embarrassing.
I am now looking for meaning to all of this.
The thing about looking for meaning is you have to look everywhere, all the time.
Then the questions start.
It’s like spilling or dropping something in your car when you’re driving.
You just need a red light and you can get to it, but you get green lights literally until you reach your destination.
Or when you are on your way home and need to pee, badly.
You only get red lights, every intersection.
Why is that?
Does it mean anything?
Is it a lesson?
Like when you reconnect with someone you haven’t seen or even thought about in years.
Is it a God thing or just Facebook?

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