What I didn’t see coming was all the down time.
Home alone every day except for Wednesday when I still drove over to work out with Cherri.
OMIGAWD this was hard!
This was mind numbing.
Days became excruciating.
Finding quality daytime television was a bigger challenge than learning to walk again.
You can only read so many hours.
I would move to another room to change it up. Really?
A whole busy life and whammy, I’m a shut in.
I had two months to go.
I was so, so so bored.
How was this going to compare to the month in isolation?
At least here I have my dogs and Michael comes home every day to make lunch.
There, not so much. So, what to do?
I see a man on one of the talent shows on t.v. and what strikes me more than his talent his is humility. He is just truly humble and so grateful to be there that it blows me away.
Then I get it.
This is a huge piece I’ve been missing.
I have had righteous indignation and fierce anger.
Confusion and sadness and a very entitled ego.
I have been self absorbed.
How do you learn humility?
How do you handle it when it’s thrust down your throat like a tongue depressor?
I have rallied and resisted-how do I give up? Accept this?
I think about who is humble and why. I mean are they really or just saying it?
I believe we all have a little entitlement, a feeling of “its my turn”.
Me, me me.
If this is my time to learn humility, it’s going to be a very hard lesson but, one I desperately need.

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