Little Red Convertable

Without the extra money I was getting from the store, I decided to sell my car. It was a beautiful red convertible that we had bought a year ago when I started driving again.
I had gone grocery shopping with Michael for the first time in months.
When we came out to the car, this amazing convertible was parked next to us and I went crazy over it.
Michael came home and found one online, (in a better, darker shade of red), in Charlotte, North Carolina.
He offered the guy money that day.
We left the next Saturday to drive up and if it all went as planned, leave my little Mercedes as a partial trade and drive home in my “get well car.”
When we got there, the man selling was speechless.
The little red car had been the prior owners “get well car,” she was sick like me, even used a walker like mine.
Her husband had gotten her a new car and she was sad to sell and blown away when the salesman told her our story.
She thought he made it up to make her feel better about selling.
We drove all the way home, top down!
It was way too cold but we had heated seats and the heat on high.
I tried to talk Michael into opening the bottle of Chardonnay in the cooler to celebrate but he said “no way”
I guess he figured the cops could smell it as we went by or something.
The stars were out and bright and I leaned back and watched them all the way home.

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