I Am

My entire life, my father has lamented that I do not know the meaning of the word, no.
It’s true, I don’t.
It’s what made me a great salesperson and I’m sure a very difficult child to raise.
I am relentlessly persistent and will try any method or line of questioning to get what I want.
I am the queen of justifying. I am not a bully or have ever resorted to unethical or questionable tactics I just stay on it until I get a yes.
I like to think that I’m charming and tenacious, a person can be both.
So after the weekend of despair and heavy sighs, I decided the bigger the
problem, the bigger the miracle.
That doctor isn’t God nor did he have a crystal ball. He doesn’t know my future or me.
This is my body, my life, my future, my God was in control and I was going to be just fine!
I was going to reach down and pull myself up, wipe the tears away and get ready for the transplant in Chicago.
I started changing my self talk and now when I’m quiet or before I go to sleep I say my I am’s
I am healthy.
I am healed.
I am happy.
I am love.
I am prosperous.
I am wise.
I am thin.
I am drug free.
I am strong.
I am side effect free. I am endless possibilities.
I am God’s.
I am divine.

We hear from Paula, the trial coordinator, and I’m set for July 30 to begin.

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