My First Ray of Hope

So it’s January 2012 and I have been sick two years.
How is that possible?
I feel like this means something, that I should be learning something but WHAT?
I was told, by a friend of mine from Leadership Cobb, that all clinical trials have to be posted on the Internet.
I went to look. I found one for CIDP, one.
It is a clinical trial for Stem Cell Transplant.
I called the number listed and left a voicemail. A few days later the coordinator called back. She said it was no problem that I didn’t live in Chicago that patients came from all over the world. She would send out all the information and I sent it straight to Dr. Stuart. They have a 70% recovery rate and when we got the green light from Dr. Stuart we called for an evaluation appointment.
We were booked for April 11,12 and 13th.
I was giddy with excitement.
The next day I got a call from my brother, he was pulling the plug on our store. The lease was going to be up in May and our store manager had left and he was exhausted. He’d been there everyday since I’d been out sick and working my job and running his own sales business was just too much.
He said it was time I focus on getting better and after Chicago who knows.
I have to say crushed doesn’t begin to describe what I felt.
This loss was shattering.
All my hopes and dreams and plans, done.
We started telling customers right away. It was excruciating.
A friend helped out then one of my nieces, I went in as much as possible.
Every day was bittersweet. I felt like I was watching a beautiful painting being
destroyed from water dripping at the top slowly taking all the color with it as it ran off the canvas.
In real life not many people get exactly what they want, I did. I got to run it, stock it, promote it any way I wanted. I am truly grateful for that gift, it was a good one.

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