The LAX Angel

Early in November, Michael and I go to California. Because I still couldn’t walk without my braces, we took the chair. We fly into LAX because my oldest niece, Linsey moved to LA over the summer and she had a baby I’d yet to meet. So seeing her and baby Carter were my top priority.
Michael has two sons that live in Orange County so we would stay somewhere in the middle to make it easier to visit everyone. It was a great trip, ocean views and crazy love for the baby! Michaels youngest son had gotten married earlier in the year and it just wasn’t possible for us to make it out on the notice given. So we were to meet the new daughter in law at dinner. After introductions are made and drink orders placed she says to me” that her dad sees people like me all the time.”
I’m sorry, what?
She says he works with all types of maladies and if I’d like she could call him. Um, yeah!
So she did and he agreed to see us the next morning on his way to the airport at his office. Amazing. He had come up with a totally different type of brace out of carbon fiber that did not enclose the foot or ankle but freed it up completely. It helped your foot lift and I could feel the ground and would be able to walk with a normal gait and stride. No more waddling like a duck!
This was a game changer. He also had a different type of brace for my hands that were way easier and way more effective.
We were ecstatic, grateful and almost positive we made him late for his flight.
We flew out the next day and Michael dropped me off at the terminal so he could return our rental car which required getting on a bus.
I was seated in my wheelchair facing a row of chairs against a wall. I used the one on the end to put our carry on bag and my purse. I opened my book and
noticed an elderly woman sit down closer to me than I would have liked. There was a row of empty chairs and she sits like one away, strange but whatever.
I peeked over the top of my book and noticed her shoes, they were awesome.
I just had to comment. When you love shoes as much as I do, it’s mandatory.
Hers were beautiful two tone high heels and I told her what I thought and she smiled and said“thank you.”
I went back to my book. Awhile later I hear “mam” “mam” and I realize it’s for me.
She was trying to get my attention. I look up, apologize and she says “I see the hand of God all over you child” she asked me how often I read my Bible and says all the prayers from all the people are being heard and will be answered she says” I’m going through this because of my attitude, nobody else could. That I’m going to help and heal people with my story” she then asks if anyone has ever told me I have an evangelical calling on my life. She says” if I don’t see you on a stage somewhere, I’ll see you up there” and she points to Heaven.
The gate agent arrives with a wheelchair and as she gets up to get in it, she walks over to me, puts her hands on my face, kisses my forehead, blesses me and utters a prayer that I again don’t understand but can feel. I don’t know what to say to her, I’m not sure I said anything.
The agent then looks at her ticket and tells her she is in the wrong terminal.
Now I know I’m speechless.
He wheeled her away and she never looked back.
My tears were uncontrollable and I was going into the ugly cry, fast.
When Michael came back I could not say anything.
It wasn’t until we were at the gate I could tell him what had happened.
I don’t remember the security line or the flight home.

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