The thing about an ego is just when you think yours is under control, it isn’t.
I was struggling but with no end in sight to the infusions I knew my weight was just going to go up.
It did.
In mid October my friend, Loren came to visit.
She had moved to Michigan more than a decade ago but we have stayed in touch and stayed close. I have always adored and admired her. When she left her job here, they had to hire five people to replace her, seriously.
She had bought us tickets to a Live Your Best Life seminar day with Oprah and flew down to spend the weekend.
The day of the seminar I took the chair.
I knew it would be too far, too many people and lines, so in I went.
I hated that thing.
Shockingly, nothing was set up for anyone with a handicap.
We couldn’t even get in because the door everyone had to use required a huge amount of stairs. Really?
So we wait and wait for security to let us in another way that had access to an elevator and we missed the first half hour or so.
There were 5000 people there that day and one other woman in a wheelchair that we saw.
I guess when the odds are that low, people just don’t think about it.
Except when you are the person in the chair or the one pushing.
It becomes a hassle.
I’m in the aisle all day and getting crawled over, hit with bags and purses and butts at eye level everywhere. Oprah starts talking and it really sounds like preaching. I’ve never heard or seen her live and I think free from television she really lays it out and opens up.
5000 people were spell bound and silent.
She had lots to say and share and we were sponges soaking up every word. Then she stopped. Said she wasn’t planning to say this but she felt led to say to someone ” to be still and know that I am God” she said” someone needs to hear that God is in control. He knows you and you just need to be still and trust He has things under control”
I felt the tears start coming.
I felt those words in my soul.
I had read that scripture recently, opened up my Bible one day to that page.
I had also read it in another unrelated book and been given a card with those words and a CD with that song on it. Message received.
I was buoyant. And the rest of the day and our visit was tremendous.
The next night at church, pastor Pete was on a roll. Really a great service, then he stops.
You guessed it, he says” I wasn’t planning on saying this but I feel
compelled to say that someone here needs to be still and know that I am God”
I cried again. When the service ended I said loudly ” it was for me you said that, Oprah told me the same thing yesterday at the Georgia World Congress Center!”
It may seem crazy but I believed.

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