I was dropped by PT and OT to Fridays only because they said they just didn’t get the results they wanted on Wednesdays. They felt I was too weakened by the infusions on Monday’s and without saying as much I guess it was a waste of their time and my insurance covered visits.
So I hired Cherri, a girl I knew from church who was a trainer with the best body I’d ever seen.
She was happy, motivated, positive and I could come to her house for one on one sessions. It was great. At the same time started acupuncture. A friend of mine was using it to help her get pregnant. Lily, was a MD in China as was her father and an MD here as well. Her English wasn’t great but her heart was and I became her project. She gave me extra time, extra infra red lamps and lots of love and attention. Her and my trainer, Cherri, were bright spots in my life and I felt the effects of their positive attitudes.
PT and OT dropped me altogether in August because I just wasn’t showing the results they wanted. I was honestly hurt and confused.
I had made that time the most important thing I did. I was counting on recovering there. I was shocked and it was so sudden that I cried all the way home.
I felt betrayed and broken.
I did pull it together again but it was a loss I felt for some time.
I contacted an OT I had met a year earlier and liked a lot.
Her name was Tina and she was from Zimbabwe, Africa.
In early October my braces were cut down to just above my ankles.
The atrophy shrouded my joy.
My calves looked like the bicep of a 100 year old lady.
I had always had calves of substance.
They were meaty and I liked it.
Both of my brothers would have to cut every pair of boots they ever owned to go over theirs and I would shop all winter and find one pair every other year or so to go over mine.
I have kept boots for years, resoling and polishing just because they pulled all the way up and for me that was rare.
Now my calves were flaccid and pale and very sad to look at.
Kind of like me.

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