Angels, Angels, Angels

About six months before this one of my favorite customers asked if he could cook us dinner and bring it over. Um, yeah!
I knew he’d be a great cook because he was a” foodie” like me.
He’d come in the store for an hour and we’d talk recipes, technique, wines, restaurants, anything related to food.
He was retired, lived in the neighborhood and I always enjoyed it when he came in.
I eventually got to meet his wife, Jenny. She and David had been married forty years.
She was a breast cancer survivor and had been diagnosed twenty years earlier with multiple sclerosis. She was an artist and they were a delight together.
She came to the store when I first started getting sick and prayed with me and anointed me with oil, it was a very spiritual moment and I loved it.
I started calling them my food angels.
When I say he brought dinner I mean he brought dinner!
We have never eaten as good as when he cooked, chicken, potatoes, green beans, lasagna, BBQ, it simply didn’t matter it was the best we’d ever had.
He consistently brought fantastic food, every time, amazing!
There were nights we would eat so much so fast that we just laid on the sofa like hound dogs on a porch in the summertime.
It was great and we felt blessed.
So on our first Saturday back at the store from the July 4 holiday, Michael was helping out.
David walked in he and Michael and I were catching up when a tall young man walks in.
I asked Michael to go greet him, and he just walks behind the counter and doesn’t say a word.
I got irritated.
I excused myself from David and went to greet the customer.
He was young and said he was interested in shoes.
I gave him a catalog and told him our story and went back behind the counter to give him space.
I asked what he did and he answered ” I’m an evangelist.”
I said “really, how cool, you just go around spreading the Word?” and he said” I’m a healer and God told me to come in here today and look at shoes” I grinned and said” really, maybe you’re here to look at mine.” I walked back out from behind the bar and he said”yours look brand new” and I said” they are but it’s all I can wear I have braces on and I cannot walk without them, I have been sick for over a year now” now it was him who was grinning, he said” do you believe in prayer?”
I said“yes” he asked if he could pray over me that he felt led by the Lord to do so. I said” knock yourself out!”
I sat on the barstool that was facing the front door.
He stood beside me and put his hand on my back. I knew that Michael and David were behind me but I had no idea if they were listening, they were.
He prayed fast and low and mostly in a language I couldn’t understand but felt.
I immediately had butterflies in my belly. When he was finished I turned around to see both Michael and David with tears in their eyes.
No one knew what to say.
The young man left soon after that and the three of us just sat trying to absorb what had just happened, it was surreal.
Jenny came in later that morning and immediately asked” what happened here?” She had goosebumps and her little dog, Beau, would not stop barking. She was amazed by the story and felt for sure we had seen an angel.
I was happy to think God hadn’t forgotten me and that He had sent me a personal hello.

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