The first time I drove with my leg braces was with Michael in a school parking lot on a Sunday afternoon. It had been over a year since I’d been behind the wheel.
I was using a walker and was walking better but I hadn’t driven.
I was trying to walk everyday and use the chair only when the braces were off.
We would go to Target and walk the aisles with Michael right behind me with the wheelchair.
Eventually he’d walk beside me and I could go the whole store without sitting down once.
We also visited a park near the house and used the same strategy.
Walk a little, sit a little.
It was slow but I was determined.
I now wanted to see if I could drive.
I put it in reverse, did a u-turn, pushed the gas, stomped the brake.
I did fine and pulled out and drove us home.
The next day I drove by myself to the store, of course.
When you have been dependent like I was for so long it is surreal the first time you are really alone.
I drove down the driveway and felt a pull to go back in and be safe and taken care of.
Then I thought oh, hell no and I cranked up the radio and pushed on the gas… I was free!
It was easy to decide to go to the store two days a week now that I had my voice back and I could drive.
So my weeks were full.
Monday’s were infusion days. Tuesday’s I usually stayed in because after a dose of 1000 mg steroids, sleeping is a challenge even with sleeping pills. Wednesday off to PT and OT. Thursday off to my store, Fridays back to PT and OT. Saturdays were always fun because my brother was at the store by 11:00 or so and we were usually always busy.
Sunday I would spend with Michael.
It wasn’t so bad for a sick, crippled girl.
It was my routine.

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